Voice Classes

Private and Group Voice Classes

I have been involved with music my whole life. My approach to vocal teaching, coaching, and creative facilitation is reflective of my many years of training and experience in music, dance, theatre, improvisation, composition, clown, and yoga. I am an interdisciplinary performer: meaning that I move comfortably between,  and have a fluid relationship with, performance work that encompasses several artistic disciplines at the same time. In addition to creating and performing my own work, I have collaborated extensively with Tribal Crackling Wind, Princess Productions, InDance, lbs per square inch,  Atlas Moves Watching, Hear Here Productions, the Urge collective and many more.

My voice workshops and private lessons are not based on any particular musical genre and so they attract professional artists of all disciplines, as well as non artists, who have a yearning to discover, deeply explore and truly connect with their authentic voice.

We work together in creating and enhancing this personal and authentic connection. The process is gently physical, playful, intuitive, non-threatening and imaginative.

I have taught coast to coast in Canada, leading workshops for dancers, health care professionals, expressive arts therapists, theatre companies, yoga teachers and therapeutic clowns. At home in Toronto I am vocal coach for companies: Volcano Theatre, Sol Express, and Princess Productions, to name a few. I also work closely with many of Canada’s most celebrated music, dance and theatre artists.


“Katherine is a genius, I think. One of the finest teachers I have met (and I’ve met some of the best). She somehow manages to open a student’s voice tremendously in what seems like an invisible, effortless manner. I’m a big fan.” Ross Manson, Artistic Director of Volcano Theatre

For more information and details on studio locations, scheduling and fees please contact me at kyogavoice@bell.net