Kundalini Yoga ~ Yoga of Sound

Discover a yoga practice that transforms and inspires.

Strengthen your body, quiet your mind, awaken intuition, and ignite creativity.

Join Katherine Duncanson at various locations in Toronto for weekly classes and workshops that explore the power of Kundalini Yoga and the Yoga of Sound.

Upcoming Workshops


On Kundalini Yoga with Katherine

“It’s like each class is a carefully constructed ritual that generates a unique alchemical process, engaging currents of heat and breath in the crucible of the body. It is not always pretty ~ it can be intense and uncomfortable but it all has the effect of releasing fear and opening the heart. And generating a great buzz! I guess I can say that in my testimonial: ‘Came for the buzz. Stayed for the transformation.'”

Rebecca, Ph.D., Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscientist

On Yoga of Sound classes with Katherine

“I had never achieved this before in Yoga. I slipped immediately into the meditative place ~ no mind chatter. it was a place of tremendous growth, communication and sightless vision.”

Jude, Theatre Artist, Writer, Producer