Katherine Duncanson is an experienced Kundalini Yoga teacher with a special interest in Naad (Sound) Yoga and meditation. Katherine began practicing Kundalini Yoga ( as taught by Yogi Bhajan) in 1998 and completed her teacher training in New Mexico in 2004. Since then she has been very active teaching in Toronto and has given workshops in Vancouver , Banff and Halifax. She is among the first graduating class (2011) of the Yogic Mystery School: An intensive 3 year on-line program designed and instructed by master teacher and Yoga of Sound expert, Russill Paul. Katherine continues to study with Russill Paul in the areas of mantra, music and meditation and, as one of his senior students, has traveled to India three times  to immerse herself in his month long chanting pilgrimages. In addition to teaching Kundalini Yoga and furthering her Yogic studies, Katherine is an active interdisciplinary performer (music, dance, theatre) and teaches voice and movement improvisation to many of Canada’s most celebrated performing artists.

For more information about weekly yoga classes, monthly workshops, and voice work, or to be added to the mailing list, please contact Katherine Duncanson: kyogavoice@bell.net


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Chanting Pilgrimages to India with Russill Paul

Each year before leaving for India, I offer yoga classes with proceeds going to the many charities supported by Shantivanam Ashram in Tamil Nadu. To date, my students have generously donated over $5000. These funds have been used to build roofs on the homes of a local Gypsy tribe, support a co-op of weavers, buy uniforms and school supplies for girls at Lalita Orphanage, provide medicine, eyeglasses and other needed supplies at a facility for Seniors and help build a home for a family of five in a village that neighbours the Ashram. We also enabled a young man, named Mani, to attend Driver’s School and English classes. Mani now has his license, drives a truck and is able to comfortably support himself as well as help his family.